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When you save a watt,
you save a lot

When you save a watt, you save a lot

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Evitech’s purpose is to provide an assistance in reducing energy consumption for your business. Thanks to our superior energy friendly LED lighting products, you can now avail efficient energy saving benefits. Victorian Energy Upgrades is an energy conservation initiative of the Victorian Government that offers every Victorian business the ability to earn discounts or rebates on energy-saving goods. The program is regulated by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), which is Victoria’s statutory retail energy industry regulator.

Save money on the installation of energy-efficient goods, lower your electricity bill and support the atmosphere by participating in Victorian Energy Upgrades Program. Our LEDs are more powerful than conventional technology and have outstanding quality of energy, fast start-ups and longer life expectancies. When you opt to remodel to our energy-efficient LED lighting plan, you are spared from repeated repairs of appliances which helps in the reduction of your maintenance costs as well.

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Evitech Enhances Your Commercial Premises With Energy Efficient Lighting Products


We work directly with one of the largest accredited provider in Victoria for commercial lighting upgrades under the VEU Scheme in Victoria.

Take Charge of Your Energy Bills

Slash electricity prices and achieve significant advantages by taking a constructive ‘Energy Saving’ stance on industrial LED lighting. Commercial property owners receive notable benefits while creating marketable assets that appreciate in the future.

Do Your Bit to Save the Environment

Did you know that switching to our LED lightening products minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases? Evitech appreciates the purpose of the VEU scheme to promote the efficient use of gas and electricity. Your contribution does not go unnoticed. Upgrade today to make an impact and do your bit to save the environment.

Receive a Rebate on Your Upgrade

Evitech is your authorized rebate partner for lighting upgrades. What’s better than making savings while also receiving a rebate under the VEU program? We offer a complete range of energy-efficient lighting such as LED downlights, LED tubes, LED high bays, and much more.

VEET approved and registered lighting alternatives provide value for money as well as maximize the return of your upgrade.

installation and supply

Terms & Conditions

There will be extra charges applicable for:
  1. Inaccessible control gear and over-height ceilings
  2. Repairs on the existing broken fittings
  3. New fittings, installations or transformers which would be hardwired to the main power



1) Existing Lamps (Dimmable)
We check whether the existing dimmers are approved & compatible and also if they incur any kind of additional charges.

2) Existing Lamps (Non-dimmable)
Our authorized expert electrician will replace these with Non-dimmable LED lights.

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All our products have at least 1-year Manufacturing warranty

We strictly use products that are manufactured by VEET approved brands.