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Evitech recognises the need to modify electricity system in NSW and contributes to it through an energy.

Evitech recognizes the need to change the electricity system in NSW. Higher electricity rates are putting pressure on houses and enterprises, as conventional generators are aging, and our transmission system is heavily.

an energy and emissions abatement initiative

What is Energy Saving Scheme?

Energy Saving Scheme is an energy and emissions abatement initiative, which also ensures that NSW has a reliable and affordable energy system. The scheme aims to reduce emissions across the key sectors such as agriculture, mining, and transport along with households. The objectives of the scheme are:
The scheme also helps in creating hundreds of local jobs especially in regional NSW.
energy savings certificate

The lifecycle of Energy Savings Certificate (ESC)


  Houses and enterprises invest in more reliable technology to reduce their energy consumption

  The reduction in energy consumption generates Energy Saving certificates.

  Responsible bodies such as electricity retailers acquire energy saving certificates

  Value of energy saving certificate is returned to enterprises who generate them

| fluorescent tube light

Find Your Eligibility

Any NSW household and enterprise that have older lighting equipment such as fluorescent tube light, halogen down-lights, incandescent light bulbs, or mercury halide light bulbs are eligible to participate. Terms and conditions may apply.

You can always reach out to us at 1300 137 974 and check your eligibility.