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Heat Pump

A heat pump water heater is a system that efficiently utilizes renewable energy to heat water without using excessive electricity.

| Heat Pump

What is a Heat Pump?


A heat pump water heater is a system that efficiently utilizes renewable energy to heat water without using electricity. These pumps absorb heat from the atmosphere and transfer it to heat water stored inside the unit. These systems are energy-efficient, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save a significant amount of money to help achieve your savings goal.

Advantage of a heat pump

Benefits of Using a Heat Pump


The most prominent advantage of a heat pump is savings on your electricity bill and reducing your carbon footprint. After all,

Cost for Heat Pump

How much do you need to pay?


The cost for Heat Pump hot water systems, including installations, usually range at around $5000 when you choose to buy it from the shop. But we propose a free heat pump installation with a considerable warranty.

State & Federal Government Initiative

How come its free?

You are eligible for a free installation with two Victorian State Government and one Federal Government initiative.
| Three simple steps

Process for Heat Pump Installation


There are three simple steps to employ for a Heat Pump rebate.  

You will not get a rebate if you install your Heat Pump before your eligibility is confirmed.

Step 1: Get a quote.

Look for a quote for your Heat Pump installation. You are requested to advise us if you plan to apply for the rebate. 

Acquiring a quote is required to apply for an eligibility number, which we will use to verify that we can go ahead with Heat Pump installation for you. 

Solar Victoria does not advise you to sign a quote acceptance or paying a deposit before getting your rebate eligibility
confirmation. As a minimum, you can confirm with us whether advance payment is fully refundable. 

Step 2: Apply for Eligibility

Solar Victoria will give you an eligibility pack comprising of documents that are required. Once you have fulfilled all the documents, you have to return it with required attachments to Solar Victoria through the secure link given.

Solar Victoria will then evaluate your application and notify you and us whether the application is approved or not. 

Step 3: Get the System Installed

Once you have got notification of approval by Solar Victoria, you will able to plan the installation of the system at your convenience with us.

The rebate will be paid directly to us, and we will deduct it from your invoice – assuring you only pay any outstanding balance once the system is installed successfully.

Solar Homes Program

Eligibility Criteria


You, as a Victorian household, are eligible to get a rebate for Solar Homes Program if you meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

Once you are sure that your property meets the eligibility criteria, you can contact us to participate in the program and meet your efficient electricity requirements. 

To find more information about Solar Hot Water Rebate


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