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When you save a watt,
you save a lot

When you save a watt, you save a lot

Households can now utilize the Australian Government’s “Power To Save” campaign initiated by the NSW Government, Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH). This campaign enables the residents to reduce their electricity bill significantly if they switch over to LED lights. The purpose of this offer is to help the eligible households replace their old lights with new LED lights whose cost and installation charges are subsidized. The new LED lights cost $29.99 including GST.

The Power To Save program enables the residents to access rebates and discounts, thus cutting back on their energy use, saving on the power bills, and eventually making the environment a better place. These programs are available to those residents who are eligible under the NSW scheme.

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What is the NSW Energy Savings Scheme?

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) was established in 2009, which was highly successful. Since it was introduced, the ESS has supported such projects that deliver approximately 27,000 Gigawatt hours of energy savings and their lifetimes. The estimation of savings is $5.6 Billion in bill savings over a decade and more. The ESS Rule is updated annually. The ongoing ESS Rule was made effective on 30th March 2020.
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Do You Want To Upgrade Your Home Energy Equipment? Pay Only $29.99 To Swap Your Halogens With New Leds

| offer incorporates non-dimmable lights only



We offer to help replace old halogens with new LED lightings for eligible houses. The minimum payment of $29.99 (including GST) would have to be paid for this upgrade. The cost and the installation charges of the LED lightings are subsidized under the ESS which is initiated by the NSW Government.

This offer incorporates non-dimmable lights only.


Additional Cost


Additional Cost may include but is not limited to

Additional costs would depend upon the assessment of the property
| renewable energy



We strongly believe that sustainability begins at home and reflects in every decision taken. We at Evitech work responsibly towards renewable energy, thus participating in the currently ongoing global transition. We aim to assist our consumers in meeting the growing demand for renewable energy and thus generating a positive social impact.


Customer safety is our utmost priority. We take care that the products used by us are ESS approved, thus ensuring that necessary safety is taken care of. At the same time, we at Evitech also urge our consumers to ensure that they abide by the relevant guidelines and policies, hence taking care of their safety.


Halogen lights and bulbs emit a considerable amount of heat, making the living spaces uncomfortable to be in and dangerous to touch. However, our new LED lights come with a cooling feature that ensures your safety and comfort.

Carbon Emission

We at Evitech strive to reduce carbon emission globally, which is an expensive investment. However, the Australian Government provides schemes such as ESS which ensures that one can upgrade to LEDs at reasonable rates and thus, contributing towards reducing carbon emissions in Australia
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Terms & Conditions

  1. Inaccessible control gear and over-height ceilings
  2. Repairs on the existing broken fittings
  3. New fittings, installations or transformers which would be hardwired to the main power
LED downlights


  1. Existing Lamps (Dimmable) We check whether the existing dimmers are approved & compatible and also if they might incur any kind of additional charges.
  2. Existing Lamps (Non-dimmable) Our authorized expert electrician will replace these with Non-dimmable LED lights.
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All our products have at least 1-year Manufacturing warranty

We strictly use products that are manufactured by ESS approved brands.

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