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Small Business

Reduce your electric lighting bill! Get LED upgradation for your small business for $33* only.

Reduce Your Electric Lighting Bill! Get Led Upgradation For Your Small Business For $33* Only

Subsidized Up Gradation For Retail Businesses And Offices Under Ess Scheme

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Energy Saving Scheme In Nsw

Led Upgradation For Your Small Business Under Energy Saving Scheme In Nsw


Evitech is helping small businesses in NSW reduce their electricity bill by providing subsidized installation of LED lights under the ESS. Eligible consumers can make use of this scheme and get LED lighting products installed at their offices and residences.

By taking advantage of the ESS Scheme, we offer businesses to replace their old fluorescent lights and halogen lights with new LEDs for $33 only (inclusive of GST).

| To qualify for this offer



A minimum payment of $33*(inclusive of GST) will have to be made to get the lighting upgrade. To qualify for this offer, the business should fulfill the following conditions:

Replacement of non-dimmable halogen down lights, globes, and fluorescent battens is available under this offer.


Additional Cost

Additional Cost Includes But Not Limited To:
Additional costs would depend upon the assessment of the property.
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| costs

Terms & Conditions

  1. Inaccessible control gear and over-height ceilings
  2. Repairs on the existing broken fittings
  3. New fittings, installations or transformers which would be hardwired to the main power
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LED downlights


  1. Existing Lamps (Dimmable)
    We check whether the existing dimmers are approved & compatible and also if they incur any kind of additional charges.
  2. Existing Lamps (Non-dimmable)
    Our authorized expert electrician will replace these with Non-dimmable LED lights.
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All our products have at least 1-year Manufacturing warranty
We strictly use products that are manufactured by ESS approved brands.

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