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Solar Battery Rebate

The Solar Homes Program is designed to support eligible Victorian households with their requirements to install a solar battery.

Solar Homes Program

What is Solar Homes Program?


The Solar Homes Program is designed to support eligible Victorian to install a solar battery. The program provides a maximum sale discount of up to $4174.

Interest Free loans are not offered under solar battery rebate program

We will claim the rebate on your behalf and deduct the rebate amount from the total cost of your system, on confirmation of your eligibility.

Approved Battery products available. To find more about :

Population growth and high solar PV penetration

Postcode Eligibility


The battery program targets designated postcodes consisting of population growth and high solar PV penetration. The area should fulfill the following criteria to be considered as a nominated postcode: 

| To receive a battery rebate

Eligibility Criteria for Victorians

To receive a battery rebate, you should meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

To find more information about Solar Battery Rebate


We have teamed up with Brighte to make solar, battery and home improvements available to all Aussies.

0% Interest Payment Plan

Buy today and pay back over 6 months to 5 years

Plans* are available up to $30,000 for homeowers and $38,000 for small business owners.

Brighte Green Loan

Spread the cost over a longer period with terms from 2 to 7 years

A 7.99% p.a fixed interest rate. Loans available up to $30,000 for homeowers.

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How To Apply

Click on the button below to know the process of how to apply for Solar Battery Rebate.